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Red Suns Recruitment

Postby admin » Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:01 am

Red Suns are long standing guild with a history stretching back to vanilla WoW

We are recruiting for BFA

We are currently extending until Argus Mythic kill, so we wont be gearing any players until after Argus is down. Raiding applications will only be considered for players who are currently 965 item level or higher.

If you are applying to join us, create an account then contact an Officer in game to activate your account, then fill in the application.

Raiding Days :
- Wednesday 20.30 CET - 23:30 CET*
- Monday 20.30 CET - 23:30 CET*

What are we recruiting?

* We are looking for raiders that share our vision, who can carry their own weight.
* We want to recruit exceptional players, because we believe that the right players will get the job done - regardless of class/gear.

That being said we still look to fill some specific roles:

* We are currently recruiting all DPS specs/classes (Healers or Tanks with a very capable offspec DPS will be considered, if they are willing to be backup heal/tanks until a spot in their preferred role opens up)
* Specific preferred classes change from encounter to encounter. Right now we are progressing on Aggramar Mythic and the key class for this encounter is Death Knights

We value players who can contribute to the advancement of the guild. We want players who can think for themselves, improvise on the go and who can be given any task and perform it precisely.

DPS & Healing meters aren’t the only metric that should matter. There’s another one that’s far more important: Attendance.

Raiders who consistently show up are often better than the ones who don’t.

We are looking for players who fill this criteria:

* who can perform at a high level and think for themselves.
* who can handle constructive criticism.
* who are able to keep their focus during progression time.
* who have a min max attitude and aim to perform at the highest skill level. This requires keeping up to date with class theorycrafting, off specs and bosses of the current tier.
* who are able to consistently maintain very high attendance.

What do we offer you?

* A guild that is looking to push for higher rankings.
* A serious but fun raiding atmosphere.
* A raid team with like-minded players.
* An opportunity to clear content at it's hardest difficulty.

Are you the type of player we need? Do you want to be part of an advancing guild, then we’d like to hear from you!

Altoholics are very welcome - Alt runs can be core to progression and having a capable alt is always a bonus.

If you have any other questions, or would like to chat on Discord, contact one of our officers below :

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